Live Review: By The Sea // Night & Day Café, Manchester 09.01.16


After ending last year touring with Bill Ryder Jones, By The Sea are now starting 2016 headlining the iconic Night & Day Café in Manchester, before continuing on to support The Coral on their upcoming tour.

It’s 8 o’clock on Saturday 9th January, most new year resolutions have been broken or will be by the end of the night. Night & Day Café is quickly filling up, and first to take the stage, Tremors, an energetic Alternative Americana daze style band. Next came Lungs, with their bold guitar and bass and quick rhythms seemingly paying an acknowledgement towards the style Joy division with their post punk edge, take to the stage and bring a new revived energy to the crowd for the second band of the night.

Finally, the stage is set by the band and on come By The Sea, the room is packed with people of all ages and styles and the energy is high as people mingle together greeting everyone. They begin by going straight into ‘I See a Crystal Sky’ casting a spell over the audience with their form of escapism in the hazy melodies and hypnotic dazing vocals. Pauses at the end of songs to thank the audience show an appreciation towards the great reaction towards this clearly beloved band. Once the attention of the audience is theirs they sale confidently through ‘Wild swans Chorus’ and ‘Gatekeeper’, the melodies cascade over and throughout the crowd.

As ‘You’re the Only One’ begins the up beat 80’s melody goes over like a trance, with the softer vocals creating what can only be described as a dream state, with a nostalgic feeling that reminds you of places, people and feelings long forgotten.


As ‘Eveline’ begins the heavier drum and guitar beats add a slightly darker edge to the performance, whilst still maintaining their escape pop sound. This being one of the older tracks from By The Sea, is well received as an old favourite by the crowd. A surge of energy makes it’s way through this iconic room.

The night ends on ‘Waltz Away’, a song which would be the epitome of By The Sea with the melody that twists and turns around the listener and in this case wraps it’s self throughout the audience, this ends the gig on a high note with the music that lifts with it’s lighter contrasting melody and vocals to ‘Eveline’.

The gig came to a close and the applause rang out for By The Sea. The night moved onto DJ Sets, but the atmosphere and buzz that the bands had made continued throughout the crowd. Definitely go to see By The Sea if given the chance.

Words By Jessica Borden


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