Live Review: The Vaccines // O2 Academy Leicester


London-based band The Vaccines returned to perform in the same city that they
signed a record deal, with fresh palettes and a fast and furious stage presence.
Yes, that’s right. This band aren’t just a cliché name you’d find on a t-shirt in the New Look
Generation section. They are the same energetic band they were in 2010, and they still can
sublimely entertain all their indie rock fans in the Midlands.

The tremendous touring musicians performed last Tuesday night at the O2 Academy in
Leicester with a regurgitation of a 1970s theme. It was as if a vintage shop had thrown up
and completely obliterated a dull stage. The 70’s style satin jackets, matching white guitars,
glowing neon amplifiers and gold sequin band name across the curtain backdrop. The
Vaccines came prepared, ready to take their fans back a few generations, performing and
indulging themselves in vintage finery.

The bodacious band formed in 2010 by lead-singer Justin Young, bringing together five
talented musicians: lead-guitarist Freddie Cowan, bass-player Árni Árnason, Timothy
Lanham on the keyboard and drummer Yoann Intoni. They all merged their musician magic
together and called themselves The Vaccines.

Although the band have taken a break from big arena performances, they electrified this
cosy venue. In true indie-gig style, the band definitely sparked energy within the
audience, causing all the young gig-goers to mosh uncontrollably, throw double pints in the
air and an array of finger-pointing at the stage. Nothing unusual for indie-rock gigs.
In the 70’s style they promised, they confidently swaggered on stage along to ‘I Want to
Break Free / Queen’ and began their show with ‘Your Love Is My Favourite Band’ followed
by ‘Teenage Icon’; a truly passionate performance from the start to finish. However, they
were not quite Queen’s standard (as if anyone ever will be).

Of course, the venue lit up during some of their most famous tracks; ‘Wetsuit’, ‘Wreckin’
Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’ and ‘Post-Break-Up Sex’. People were belting lyrics constantly, even from the
balcony to the bog. The Vaccines had their Leicester fans eyes fixated on the stage and ears
magnetised to the music. Throughout their hour-long set, they truly had an electric stage
presence, which mirrored in the audience also.

In true anticipation style, they came back with a three-track encore, with the farewell
serenade of ‘All In White’. Dripping in lager and sweat, the band up until the very end had a
harmonious midlands crowd who seemed to enjoy it as much as they did.

Words by Lauren Evans-Joyner




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