Marvel Studios’ Animated Series ‘What If…?’ Heading To Disney+ In 2021


2020’s Walt Disney Company Investor Day established one thing: Marvel fans have a lot to look forward to over the next few years. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, gave fans an exclusive look at the studio’s first animated series, What If…?, which is heading to Disney+ in 2021.

What If…?, which is based on the comic books of the same name, reimagines some of the most important MCU film moments, showing alternative versions of MCU storylines. Each episode asks the question: what if one little thing had played out just slightly differently? 

Though much is still being kept under wraps, some of the plotlines are teased in the new trailer. For instance, what if Yondu had come across a young Prince T’Challa, which meant he became Star-Lord instead of Black Panther? What if Steve Rogers never became Captain America, because it was Peggy Carter who instead received the Super Soldier Serum?

Though the trailer largely focuses on these scenarios, there are some glimpses of other stories. Doctor Strange appears to be fighting an evil version of himself whilst Captain America is… a zombie. Thor, Tony Stark, Captain Marvel and Nick Fury also make fleeting appearances in the trailer, though it is unclear which plotlines they will be involved in.

The series features an all-star voice cast, with many MCU fan-favourites reprising their roles. One notable addition to the cast is Jeffrey Wright who plays Uatu the Watcher, a cosmic being who narrates the series, guiding the audience through various alternate realities. 

The first series of What If…? will run for ten episodes. Though it isn’t set to air until next summer, there is reportedly already a second series in the works. With 23 films all full of iconic moments to draw from, there are countless possibilities for alternate universes. Directed by Bryan Andrews, with Ashley Bradley on board as head writer, What If…? will land on Disney+ in summer 2021.

Words by Talya Honebeek


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