The Month in Games: July 2016


As summer begins for many, July also sees a host of new titles available for gamers to enjoy. This month sees new releases in survival horror, a beloved franchise and games that will leave a lasting impression.


7 Days To Die

Survival is everything in this survival horror title. Set in the aftermath of a Third World War, players must figure out how to survive as long as possible. Players will have the choice of being in either a randomly generated environment or a pre-set location – Navezgane, Arizona – and will be surrounded by challenges big and small. From building a stable shelter to gathering food and water, players will have to complete basic tasks along with the more pressing threat of the infected creatures around them.

With the constant need for food and water, realistic building mechanics and fighting off the ever evolving infected, players will need to continually adapt along with the game. The game will also include a night and day cycle, with each climate featuring its own special challenges to overcome. For those looking for a little help, players will be able to host multi-player games on their own servers to allow for interactions and shared game-play in a single environment.

7 Days To Die will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC from July 1*



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