The Month in Games: July 2016


Mixing dungeon escape with action RPG elements, Necropolis is a game that is simple in its premise but could prove rather difficult to complete. Set in a netherworld labyrinth, players have to simply navigate the structure and find a way out. Trying to stop them is the labyrinth’s ruler, Abraxis, who is using the underground location to practise his magic away from civilisation.

Playing either alone or as part of a team in multi-player mode, players will have to fight their way out and solve various puzzles to help shape and alter the environment to aid in the escape mission. However, there is no room for error as the game features permanent death. So players will have to not only start again if they should die, but will have to do so in a new, altered environment and may also have to add their fallen adventurers to the list of enemies to fight in each new attempt.

Necropolis will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC from July 12*

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