The Month in Games: July 2016

We Happy Few

One of the most talked about games of E3 is available on early release this month. Set in an alternate time-line, We Happy Few takes players to Wellington Wells, a town where the people live on the drug ‘Joy’ to repress the haunting memories of the Second World War. As Arthur Hastings, a clerk responsible for redacting unhappy newspaper stories, players explore this town as Arthur’s ‘Joy’ soon wears off and he sees a sinister side to society.

With it’s retro-futuristic style and psychological thriller elements, this first person title has gained a lot of attention from gamers and critics alike. However, We Happy Few is different in that the combat is entirely melee based, with no firearms available to the player. Players also face a delicate balance when it comes to managing ‘Joy’ – take too much and the game will restart but take too little and Arthur faces possible death. The title also adds difficulty by not having save points and no second chances if caught out.

We Happy Few will be available on Xbox One and PC from July 26*

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