The Month in Games: July 2016


The latest title from Cyan Studios comes to computer platforms this month. The ‘spiritual successor’ to the company’s previous titles – Mist and RiverObduction will see players transported to alien worlds. Using a mix of exploration and puzzle solving, players must figure out how they can return home to Earth. The worlds themselves will be a mix of alien landscapes with human elements to provide the player with some familiar sights – such as farmhouses and town streets.

Originally starting out as a Kickstarter campaign, Obduction combines various elements of Mist and River but puts the player in a whole new storyline and world base. Players will have free reign to choose where they go and what they do, with a point and click exploration method to navigate the alien worlds. Those with an Oculus Rift system will be able to experience the full first person experience, as Obduction will be compatible with the virtual reality device.

Obduction will be available on PC and Mac from July 26*

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