Movie Monday: Eyes Wide Shut

Title: Eyes Wide Shut

Starring: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sydney Pollack


Synopsis: The final film to be directed by Stanley Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut is perhaps his most misunderstood – critics and viewers alike were frustrated upon its release to find it was not the erotic thriller it was marketed to be, rather a slow and eerie, intense study of sexual desire and morality. The story follows a New York City doctor, who after finding out that his wife once contemplated having an affair, embarks on a night-long odyssey into a world of sex, secrecy, and danger that soon seeks to threaten not only his marriage, but also his life. As with most of Kubrick’s films, it’s a surreal, unsettling, and highly cinematic experience that requires a great deal of patience. For those who go in with an open mind, it’s doubtful you’ll be disappointed.

Watch if you liked: The Shining, Magnolia, Mulholland Drive

Rating: 9/10 – Worth watching for the ritual scene alone.

Words by Samantha King

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