Movie Monday: Treasure Planet


online casino geld zurück klarna Title: Treasure Planet

casino games australia slots Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emma Thompson, David Hyde Pierce.

online casino malaysia welcome bonus Synopsis: Based on the classic Treasure Island, this film is arguably one of Disney’s best animations – and there are no simpering Princesses in sight. The main difference between the original tale and this animation is that this story is set in outer space, so there are fewer old men putting on bad Yorkshire accents, and more explosions and lasers. The film follows a young rebel, Jim Hawkins, as he pursues his childhood fantasies of finding the legendary “Treasure Planet” – a planet constructed by a pirate to hide all of his stolen loot. Jim, accompanied by his dog-human ‘Doctor friend’, joins up with a questionable crew of pirates to track down this planet but ends up facing manipulation, mutiny, black holes and supernovas, and a really gross spider.  Although this is essentially a children’s film, the plot line is interesting and well developed, while the characters involved are engaging and enjoyable. The film is worth watching if not just for the amazing Captain Amelia (life goals) and the montage of Jim’s childhood that is so emotional it makes the death of Bambi’s mother look like a party (who even cares about dead animated deer anyway?).

heart of vegas real casino slots cheats Watch if You Liked: The Road to El Dorado, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Iron Giant.

the best online casino sites Rating: 8/10

Words by Charlie Ginger Jones.

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