Movie Monday: Unbreakable

Starring: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Wright

Synopsis: Unbreakable is the most epic indie film you will ever see, after David Dunn (Willis) survives a horrendous accident he is told repeatedly by Elijah Price (Jackson) to consider he might have special abilities.

Due to the film’s small scale the running time may seem lengthy occasionally, the obstructive cinematography used in 90% of the film’s shots is very very irritating…as it interferes with our intimacy with characters. Sometimes director Shyamalan decides to award space for truly astounding shots, but not often.

However, the films screenplay is more than solid. While there are few quotable lines, it’s expression of story and structure is refreshing as well as by the book (the film could also be called ‘How to write an indie film’). Just the same, performances from the main cast spearhead the film, especially the relationship between David and Elijah. But as mentioned in the beginning, it’s the scope of the small scale that really entertains, Shyamalan does a perfect job of projecting moments that physically look small, feel huge. Unbreakable focuses on telling a heroes story before he becomes a hero, towards the end you’ll appreciate it’s a good film, but it’s twist ending is one that slaps real satisfaction in your face helping you like the film just that much more.

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Rating: 7.8/10 – It can get slow at times due to it’s lack of action set pieces, but ultimately the film does a good job of making a realistic, grounded superhero story feel like an legendary heroic saga in it’s inception.

Words by Levi Eddie Aluede

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