Music News: Coldplay pay tribute to Viola Beach at Glastonbury set


Coldplay made a heart-warming tribute to the recently deceased band, Viola Beach, during their headline set at Glastonbury on the closing night of the prolific festival.

The four members of Viola Beach and their manager tragically died in a car accident in February. Witnesses say they saw the band’s car fall through a gap in the bridge over Södertälje Canal, as the bridge opened up to let a boat through. Unfortunately, the exact happenings of the incident are still unknown.

All that is known, however, is the profound and personal impact the band have had since their deaths. There was a round-of-applause for the band at Manchester City v. Tottenham match, and the Warrington Town Hall – where the band originate from – flew its flag at half-mast in tribute of the band for the week following their deaths.

Chris Martin told the thousands of mud-covered music fans that what had happened was ‘just the worst’, so ‘we decided as a band, rather than playing “Heroes” [the David Bowie hit] tonight, that we’re gonna create Viola Beach’s alternate future for them and let them headline Glastonbury for a song.’

The move came as an unexpected turn in a weekend that has been dominated by the void that has been left following Bowie’s death. But, after a weekend filled with Bowie covers from the likes of The Last Shadow Puppets and Madness, Coldplay decided to play tribute to this year’s forgotten heores.

‘Kris and Jack and River and Tom and their manager Craig, this is maybe what would have been you in twenty years’, Martin announced, ‘let’s send it [Viola Beach’s ‘Boys That Sing’] up the charts tomorrow’.

And, indeed, that is what has happened. Following Coldplay’s cover,  the number of people streaming Viola Beach’s music on Spotify has increased by 6,148%.

Whilst the boys may no longer be with us, their music will keep singing. Last night, with the help of Coldplay and the thousands of Glastonbury disciples, their voices sang louder than ever.

Viola Beach’s debut album is set for release on 29th July. 

Words by Juliette Rowsell


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