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Candypop: Candy and the Broken Biscuits // Lauren Laverne

candypopThis book was released when I was 13 and I immediately bought it. Author and DJ Lauren Laverne once described it as an “indie fairytale;” I think this is all you need in a young adult novel.

The story follows Candy Caine, a 15 year old girl from the North East who is completely and utterly bored of her life. She tries to track down her biological dad, whom she believes is some rock and roll legend. Her biggest dream though is to take over the world with her band. With the help of her fabulously flamboyant Fairy Godbrother (I pictured him as Russell Brand), who appears whenever she plays her old Gibson guitar, she starts a band: The Broken Biscuits end up gatecrashing Glastonbury and playing the Pyramid Stage. It’s completely far-fetched and silly at times but I just remember loving it so much.

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