My Life In Books: Joe Lewin

The Fault In Our Stars // John Green

the faultI know many ‘die-hard’ book fans will probably groan in discontent at this next choice but it’s the truth. It is, admittedly, a work of cheap, romantic fiction, however it is so emotionally in touch with today’s generation and Green plays the part of a discontented emotional teen so well; you forget he is a 37 year old man. In spite of the fact that the storyline should seem very ‘out of touch.’ It is highly relatable because it does not only teach you that, although desired, longevity in life cannot always be achieved no matter how dire the circumstances, but also that beauty should be sought in everything. It also shows that love is not the be all and end all in life, as evident by the death of Augustus Waters. The only thing that’s important in life is life itself; if that’s not precedent for the relevance of cheap fiction then I don’t know what is.


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