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Slated // Teri Terry

slatedLet me paint you a picture; there’s a two for one offer in the local bookstore, and fifteen year old me has a voucher and too many books to choose from. Picking a book a book to read is difficult enough, but when there’s an opportunity to get one for free, the decision is made a hundred times more exciting and hopeful. One of those books was Slated by Teri Terry, which is so far the only dystopian trilogy I have read where the ending has not disappointed me or had me craving more. Whilst the change in name of the protagonist can be a little confusing, the concept of ‘slating’ is fascinating.

Kyla has been slated: a procedure that wipes the memories of young people who have broken the law. After the riots and terrorism, future London is not how we now know it. Kyla has been given a second chance, as long as she remains loyal and well-behaved. However, with the memories of ‘before’ returning in nightmares and with slated children disappearing from assemblies at school, it becomes increasingly difficult to follow the rules. This trilogy is extraordinary, full of mystery and tension – I was instantly hooked.

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