Netflix’s ‘You’ Season Three To Premiere October 2021


Netflix has confirmed that their most popular serial killer, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), will be returning to our screens very soon. The streaming platform recently announced that it will be releasing season three of You on 15 October 2021.

The season two finale created a great deal of speculation as to what this coming season will bring. After the shocking revelation that Love (Victoria Pedretti) was a murderer herself, the season closed with a jarringly blissful teaser scene of Love and Joe apparently living a new life in the suburbs. In another major reveal, Love was shown to be pregnant. 

So, what can we expect from season three?

Love and Joe with a baby, for a start. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed how the couple were expecting a girl but have ended up with a boy, resulting in hundreds of fan theories about what this could mean. Everything from kidnap to a time jump has been suggested. Show creator Sera Gamble recently retweeted an article about this discrepancy, adding cryptically that “all will be explained October 15th.” 

It seems that even with a baby, Joe will still be up to his old tricks. Recently-released photos from set appear to show Joe in his stalker attire, along with baby Henry (also sporting Joe’s trademark spy hat). It’s unclear who Joe is following in these pictures, however, the final clip of season two indicates that he has set his sights on a new woman—his neighbour. Joe vows to find a way to her “soon”, so we can expect this obsession to feature in season three. We’ll have to wait and see how Love fits into this (although it’s safe to assume she won’t love it.)

Who can we expect to be in season three?

Obviously, Badgley and Pedretti will be back (although hopefully their “I wolf you” saying won’t be.) Saffron Burrows will also be returning as Dottie, Love’s mother and “glam-ma” to Henry.

Additionally, there are expected to be whole hoard of new characters joining the show this season. The Tab reports a massive 15 new characters, including a couples therapist, a college student, and a gossip-hungry neighbour. Whether any of these newbies will be unfortunate enough to end up on Joe’s ever-growing kill list is unclear. However, it seems like a strong bet.

October 15, set your reminders!

With these new exciting characters and intriguing plots, You’s third instalment can’t come soon enough. There’s just over a month to wait, making it the perfect time to refresh your memory and rewatch the first two seasons of this seductively dark thriller. Go on, you.

Words by Verity Alice Cartwright

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