‘News of the World’ – Trailer Released for Tom Hanks Western

The latest trailer has been released for one of the most anticipated films for the remainder of 2020: News Of The World, starring Tom Hanks and re-teaming him with acclaimed director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy & Ultimatum). The pair previously worked together on 2013’s critical and commercial smash Captain Phillips, which many have lauded as some of the best work in Hanks’ storied and eclectic career

News of the World is a Civil War-era Western that focuses on Hanks’ character, Captain Jefferson Kidd, and his efforts to return a stolen girl to her family following 4 years in captivity. Captain Kidd earns his living as a news reader, which he does alongside his travels.

From the trailer and the current December release date, this may be pitched as an Oscar vehicle for Hanks, hot on the heels of his supporting nomination as Mr Rogers in A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood. Hanks was famously snubbed by the Academy for his overwhelmingly well-received work on Captain Phillips, so it will be interesting to see if he can match the level of acclaim here in a role that looks to further cement his reputation as a versatile actor following a string of varied and well received roles in the 2010s.  Given the academy’s love for Westerns, there is a strong chance for more technical categories and perhaps a directorial nod for Greengrass.

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This can hopefully present an opportunity for Greengrass to reassert himself as a noteworthy director following a series of middling responses since Captain Phillips: most notably, his return to the Bourne franchise, which he helped cement as one of the best action franchises of the 21st century.  This additionally represents an opportunity for Hanks to forge new long-lasting collaboration with a director—maybe, even, one that matches his 20-year stretch with Steven Spielberg from Saving Private Ryan to The Post, Catch Me If You Can and Bridge Of Spies.

Words by Chris Connor

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