Noel Gallagher “Rather Drink Petrol” Than Listen to Alex Turner

In an interview with The Evening Standard, Noel Gallagher has slammed The Arctic Monkeys, saying that he “would rather drink petrol” than listen to an interview with lead singer Alex Turner.

Praising The Smiths and The Jam as “great characters”, Gallagher suggested that the influence of big record labels is preventing any contemporary ‘characters’ from emerging. “Is it any coincidence that all the indie labels got bought up by the major labels and things have started to get boring?” he said, adding that the “healthy dose of indifference and contempt towards their labels” has disappeared, killing off “alternative thinking”.

Back in 2006, the artist stood up for Arctic Monkeys following criticism from Morrissey: “They’re unique to themselves. And they’ve got their own thing and I think it’s great. It doesn’t sound like anybody else and I like the way that they don’t wear shirts and ties and blazers.”

With opinions about the Sheffield-hailing indie rock band starting to polarise, the comments have received mixed responses.

Recently, Gallagher has found himself in the spotlight several times after saying he “can’t live in a world where Ed Sheeran is headlining Wembley”, calling James Blunt boring and claiming that the Brits are rigged.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will be headlining Calling Festival on the 4th July 2015, following the release of upcoming album Chasing Yesterday, due for release on the 2nd March.

Words by James

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