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With more time on our hands than ever, don’t just watch films—listen to people talk about them too! From specialized podcasts about Studio Ghibli and 90’s thrillers to critics discussing new releases, this list of our favourites podcasts about movies has something for everyone.

Films to Be Buried With

10 film podcasts we love brett goldstein

Comedian Brett Goldstein hosts this supremely silly podcast where he grills guests on which films they’d like to take to the grave. From first watches to guilty pleasures, the laid-back and often hilarious chats that ensue not only give rise to the insularity of films we love and grew up with, but is also a great way to scoop some film recs. Great episodes include ones with film critic Mark Kermode and journalists Dolly Alderton and Hayley Campbell, while other star studded guests include James Acaster, Aisling Bea, Jameela Jamil and Sarah Millican.
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Truth & Movies

Truth & Movies is a weekly podcast that talks through films that have come out that week, plus the odd movie from the archives. In lockdown they’ve pivoted to more thematic episodes, covering everything from ‘Comfort Blanket Movies’ to ‘Film’s We’ll Show Our Kids’. Helmed by critics who are occasionally a bit hard to please, a lot of the analysis is interesting nonetheless. Michael Leader hosts the podcast for Little White Lies, who humbly refer to themselves as “the world’s most beautiful film magazine.”
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As someone who has only just begun to dip my toes into the beautiful waters of Studio Ghibli, I couldn’t have discovered Ghibliotheque at a better time. In it, Michael Leader—a Studio Ghibli expert— and Jake Cunningham—a Studio Ghibli novice—make their way through the Japanese animation studio’s filmography and discuss each feature from their own varied perspectives. With the majority of these films now available to view on Netflix, there’s no time like the present to watch and listen along.
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The Suspense is Killing Us

Rating films by how smutty they are through the self-explanatory vehicle of Michael Douglas (Dressed to Kill, for example, is awarded 5 out of 5 Douglases), The Suspense is Killing Us team “dive into the wild world of oft-maligned thrillers from the 80s and 90s.” Although they commit the cardinal sin of suggesting that erotic thrillers are essentially a misogynist genre for men, there’s a certain charm to the hosts’ lengthy, rambling, gleeful chats. I pretty much love all the films they hate and hate the films they love, but either way, they’re giving love to a genre most people ignore, so it’s still an excellent listen in my books.
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The Letterboxd Show

Letterboxd has long been the pantheon for cinephiles to log and review films, build mammoth watchlists and curate lists of their own. From it comes a relatively new podcast hosted by the site’s editor-in-chief, Gemma Gracewood. In the five episodes they’ve released thus far, discussions have included feel-good flicks, the best horny films to watch during lockdown and Steven Spielberg. The intelligent yet witty conversations, plus Gracewood’s ASMR-esque New Zealand accent, make this a hugely enjoyable listen.

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Fatal Attractions

Delightfully nerdy and in depth, each week friends and film fans Matthew, Paul, Amélie and Leslie dissect an erotic thriller. It’s comprehensive, covering its release and reception, the pop culture surrounding it, as well as a general analysis. They don’t shy away from calling a spade a spade when something has aged badly, and are great at redeeming misunderstood reputations. Separating the trash from the treasure, in 65 episodes so far they’ve covered the likes of Body Heat, Showgirls, Eyes Wide Shut and Bound. Catnip for lovers of 80s-90s trash.
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You Must Remember This

I’m fairly new to this well-established and acclaimed podcast, but with just few episodes under my belt, I’m already ravenous for more. In it, Katrina Longworth seeks out stories and lesser-known histories of Hollywood’s first century, analysing them in forensic detail backed up by meticulous research. Blaxploitation, the story of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, pin-ups and sex symbols, Hattie McDaniel, Star Wars deep-dives, the history of MGM, the intersection of Hollywood and Charles Manson: this podcast has it all.
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Words by Steph Green


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