Our Favourite TV Couples


Valentine’s day, New Year, a break from school meaning your perpetual alone-state is feeling particularly prominent. You pop on Netflix, joggers and indulge in a fictional relationship (or ten). Everyone has done it. As singletons, hopeless romantics, or avid TV fans, it’s a right we are all entitled to. But who are your go to relationship gurus? From the staples to the more guilty pleasures, who are the Ross’ to our writers Rachel’s?

*Spoiler warnings*

Frank & Claire Underwood // House of Cards


Arguably the most conniving couple currently on television, the Underwoods have always been, and will continue to be, a force to be reckoned with. Their unrelenting determination to not only strive to achieve their ultimate desires, but to take down whoever tries to get in their way, has well and truly helped to cement their place in television history.

From the very get-go it was obvious that their relationship was fuelled by fire; Frank’s (Kevin Spacey) sharp tongue and Claire’s (Robin Wright) charming exterior come together to make an explosive reaction. They share a hunger for desire that simultaneously draws them together and pulls them apart. What’s so interesting about House of Cards is how their relationship evolves throughout the seasons and the trials and tribulations they face; as Frank’s conquest for power begins to gain speed and he climbs the ranks of the political hierarchy, his narcissism reaches new heights. When Claire’s dirty secrets begin to float to the surface she becomes a pawn in her husband’s little games.

This was a marriage that was built on respect; respect for one another and respect for themselves. But as Frank’s judgement becomes clouded and the power rushes to his pretty little head, the building block of their relationship begins to crumble. Morally dubious? Perhaps. Dangerous? Most Definitely. This storm has been brewing for a while now, and hurricane Claire is heading straight for the jugular.



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