Premiere: Laughing Rafters // Officer

Melancholic and bittersweet are two words which epitomise ‘Laughing Rafters’, the listening experience brought to music fans by Officer. Taken from the forthcoming album Myriads, set for release tomorrow on the 31 st July, the video cuts between Logan singing his heart out “you’re such a little idiot / for wrecking my heart”, the London skyline and two women dancing (from London Contemporary School of Dance), all of which combines to match the tempo of the track and epitomise the lyrical mood.

Logan’s delicate vocal lays bare a romantic experience where the structure is rotten and crumbling, like the rafters or eaves one might find in an old house. There’s images of destruction in abundance – a bowstring falling apart followed by Logan kicking the instrument off the building, not to mention the pathetic fallacy of the rain which reflects the hopelessness of the situation. Yet the mood of the track isn’t angry or aggressive; the falsetto components lend the song its fragile quality – it sounds like cobwebs, intricate and complicated, exactly like the human relationship Officer explores in this song.

‘Laughing Rafters’ is the perfect example of the thought that has gone into Myriads, which you can own yourself from tomorrow – buy it from iTunes.

Words by Beth Kirkbride 


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