Primavera Sound 2021 line-up review

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Festival season is one of the most exciting times of the year for avid music fans. People will have their eyes glued to forums months beforehand; grasping at straws to try and persuade people that they know who’s performing at such-and-such festival. If I had a penny for every time I read a sentence beginning “I know someone who works for Festival Republic…”, then next years festival season will already be paid for.

For fans who wait so long for lineup announcements and then seeing the current climate of multiple festivals around the world postponing, the idea of waiting another year for lineup announcements may seem gruelling.

Well, fear not. As one of the biggest festivals in Europe, Primavera Sound, have already announced their lineup for the 2021 festival season.

The festival first came onto my radar during lockdown, with their YouTube channel regularly releasing live performances. With many amazing acts to have graced their stages, I was really excited to see who had made the list. While looking, I couldn’t believe some of the acts staring back on that poster.

Their 2021 lineup has the perfect combination of industry giants and up-and-coming talents. One of the acts which stick out straight away would be Tyler, The Creator. He’s had an amazing year with his recent(ish) release of Igor reaching number-one on the Billboard 200. Amongst him are Indie hard-hitters The Strokes. With their inherent 2000s rock vibes, and Tame Impala, who’s psychedelic ambience should prove a crowd favourite.

But by far the band which I’m most excited for on this lineup would be Gorillaz. Their live shows look incredible, and I’ve been watching them on repeat during lock-down. To see them on that (hopefully) warm Spanish evening would be a dream come true. One track of theirs in particular, ‘Clint Eastwood’, will be a guaranteed crowd favourite, and I’d love to be able to witness it with my own eyes. Hearing that smooth-western-harmonica intro, it guarantees goosebumps.

It’s also amazing to see some of the biggest post-punk/experimental rock outfits emerging onto the lineup, with Idles and Black Midi to name a few. With their hard-hitting blend of grunge and metal, they’ll be sure to get the crowd moving, with mosh pits guaranteed.

It might just be the fact that I haven’t seen live music in a while, or maybe lock-downs getting to me, but I think that I might have to buy a ticket, book a flight, and stockpile some sun cream after seeing the talent on this lineup.

With the festival being held from 2-6 June 2021, and tickets on sale from 3 June 2020, be sure to act quick to guarantee your presence at this monumental occasion.

Words by Tom Moorcroft

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