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The Indiependent is a communal platform for early career stage journalists to develop a portfolio and share their work. We’ve been running since 2014, and in that time we’ve published over 4,000 articles across our Music, Film, TV, Gaming, Books, Theatre, Opinion and Lifestyle sections.

The site’s founder, Beth Kirkbride, established the website while she was in sixth form and has kept the site going through her degree course at the University of Oxford and her NCTJ journalism diploma study. She wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of the editorial team, who give up their free time each week to edit articles and provide feedback to contributors.

All editorial roles are currently voluntary, since the site doesn’t make enough money from advertising to be able to cover operational costs. We’re hoping to change that – by asking for donations from our readers we hope that we can cover our £200 a month operation costs. We currently have a ‘Writer of the Month’ cash award where the best articles are put forward for a small cash prize, but we’d love to be able to increase the value of these awards and recognise our editorial and contributor team for their amazing work.

If you care about supporting ‘indie’ talent, then please make a donation. Whether you can donate £1 or £10, we’d greatly appreciate anything you can give.


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