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Online Webinar: How to Stand Out as a Football Journalist



In this online webinar Sam Lee provides lots of tips and tricks for standing out in the world of football journalism.

For the cost of the webinar you get access to three videos (68 minutes total) with a text summary of the key points – for as long as you need them – as well as the opportunity to send Sam one article for personalised feedback. Sam covers:

  • His own route into the industry
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • How to source information about teams and players
  • How to make the most of press conferences
  • How to make contacts
  • How to analyse a football match

About Sam: Sam Lee is a football journalist covering Manchester City for The Athletic. He has previously worked with Goal and the BBC. Follow Sam on Twitter @SamLee

The Indiependent is committed to making the world of journalism a more inclusive place. If for any reason you can’t afford the cost of this course please email [email protected] and at our discretion we will provide a copy free of charge.

This webinar is pre-recorded so is accessible at the point of purchase.


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