Rejjie Snow Returns with ‘Cookie Chips’

Rejjie Snow is back with the new single ‘Cookie Chips’, featuring Cam O’bi and MF DOOM. Snow delivers sweet lyrics alongside a dreamy beat, as O’bi on the hook provides the same sort of relaxed sound featured on the song ‘Pink Lemonade’, one of the two tracks that Snow and O’bi collaborate on inside the Irish rapper’s highly rated 2018 debut, Dear Annie.

‘Pink Lemonade’ is one of the stand-out tracks from the 2018 album, so it’s no surprise the two artists deliver alongside MF DOOM here in 2020.

Most music fans are desperate for new material during these dull times. Judging from social media it feels like those who follow Rejjie Snow are massively excited about hearing something new from the 27 year-old. Most of this buzz has come from an Instagram post on 12th July, with Snow posting “Rejjie Snow & MF DOOM 2020. Album season oh yeah baby.” 

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The addition of MF DOOM means the legendary masked rapper, now aged 49, adds more names to his list of collaborations. Snow admitted in an interview he has a tattoo of the New Yorker on his leg, so it is clear the Dubliner is a big fan and has been wanting to work with him for some time. 

Rejjie Snow’s presence has only grown stronger since the release of his Rejovich EP back in 2013. He followed the project up with his mixtape The Moon & You in 2017, and as mentioned ‘Dear Annie’ kept the excitement around the artist going towards the end of the decade. 

‘Cookie Chips’ is accompanied by a music video directed by Machine Operated, where Snow is seen wandering around the outdoors with a bunch of balloons, admiring the picturesque scenes around him. The inspiration for this character appears to have come out of the art that the rapper has been creating during lockdown. 

Regarding the new track, Snow said: “It feels good to bring out this song in such an unaccustomed time and begin this new chapter in a solid and happy place.”

The trio on this song only spark more interest in the music Rejjie Snow will produce in future, as fans now eagerly await more material from the Irish rapper.

Words by Sam Gilder

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