Review: Miles Kane // The Moth Club, London, 29.05.18


Through the packed out crowd of Hackney’s The Moth Club, four figures could be seen slowly making their way through, and moments later there they were onstage. Miles Kane and his backing band appeared through the hazy sparkle of the venue, ready to give the audience a performance that they wouldn’t forget.

Going straight into ‘Counting Down The Days’ Miles danced around the stage, grooving along with the bouncy, upbeat track and throughout the set, his high energy levels never once faltered, and neither did the audiences’.

Huge cheers and mosh pits throughout, this crowd was loving the gig, and it was clear from the smile on his face that Miles was too.

A few new songs were thrown into the set and Miles took a moment to thank musician Jamie T and in a huge surprise to the audience, invited him up onstage to perform, ‘Too Little Too Late,’ together. As quickly as he arrived onstage, Jamie was gone, disappearing into the mists of the venue.

Pink and purple strobes and even a sign saying “Coupe De Grace” – a reference to Miles Kane’s new song – lit up the room, reflecting the glittery walls and creating a rock n roll like ambience, that matched the music that was being blasted out throughout the venue.

Groovy, lively, and a complete star, Miles Kane gave his audience a real treat in this intimate gig, playing the best he’s ever been. There’s no argument about it that the chants of ‘Miles, Miles,’ that echoed throughout the room, were definitely well deserved.

Words by Elly Bailey


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