Scarlett Johansson to Star in Horror ‘Bride’ directed by Sebastián Lelio

Scarlett Johansson sebastian lelio

Scarlett Johansson is certainly no stranger to the sci-fi genre, from battling foes as Black Widow to become a cyber enhanced soldier in Ghost in the Shell.

Now, the Academy Award-nominated actor is about to tread the waters of horror in an updated take of a classic anti-heroines: The Bride of Frankenstein. Scarlett Johansson will both produce and star in Bride alongside Chilean director Sebastián Lelio, where they will work on reimagining this iconic movie monster. In a statement to the THR, she stated that “it is long overdue for Bride to step out of the shadow of her male counterpart and stand alone.”

Johansson has a tendency to portray strong, independent women in her sci-fi roles. The new take on the Bride appears to take on these same traits. She continues to say how she is “extremely excited to emancipate this classic anti-heroine and reanimate her story to reflect the change we see today.”

A woman is created with one sole purpose – to be the ideal wife. The singular obsession of a brilliant entrepreneur. However, she rejects her creator and flees confinement, only to confront a world where she is seen as a monster. Whilst being on the run, she discovers her true identity and the strength to remake herself as her own creation.  


With Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo (Orange Is the New Black) set to write the screenplay with Lelio, there’s a strong hint that female empowerment may be a running theme for this new monster modernization.

Many readers have described Shelley’s original novel as a proto-feminist work. So, it’s no surprise that a third wave perspective is now on the cards. With the director of the Academy Award-winning A Fantastic Woman on board, it’s safe to say we have strong hopes for this feminist reimagining. 

Words by Katie Heyes

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