Series Review: Girlboss

4. Ladyshopper99

Terrified of getting a bad review, Sophia goes to great lengths to dry clean and re-deliver a wedding dress to a snooty bride who will pose a threat to Sophia’s fledgling business if she decides to leave a bad review.

The Hangover-esque race to get the dress delivered on time for the big day is complete with every “will-she-won’t-she make it n time” cliché in the book, including Sophia oversleeping and missing the courier, but it’s an enjoyable episode nonetheless.

The reason for Sophia’s near-miss is the time she spends bonding with her gay art student friend, Nathan (Cole Escola) and his mother over Josh Groban and lots and lots of wine. This on-screen mother-son relationship is truly touching, and you can’t help but find yourself wanting to be a part of , “the big gay house right next to the 7/11”.

Verdict: The plot is definitely predictable, but makes for entertaining viewing nonetheless.

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