Series Review: Girlboss

8. The Trip

Sophia, Annie and Dax go on a roadtrip to visit Shane in LA. Yes, apparently he and Sophia are still together. She can’t wait to “fuck his dick off”, which sounds painful but each to their own.

The episode compares and contrasts the two couples; Annie and Dax spend the entire journey bickering about the Mustang sunroof and their differing views on what makes a fun agenda, but by the end of the trip they have taken acid together and are more connected than ever before.

In contrast, Sophia and Shane start out saccharine sweet but by the end of the trip the couple are at breaking point – all because Sophia eats Shane’s chips, after saying she wasn’t hungry. (To be fair to Shane I would be pissed about this as well). But of course, they kiss and make up before the end credits start rolling. This episode seems to exist solely to begin to hint at the idea that there might be trouble in paradise for Sophia and Shane.

Verdict: The realistic depiction of the logistical nightmare that is shower sex is a more than good enough reason to stick with this episode despite the fact that Shane is the blandest love interest in Netflix history.

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