Series Review: Girlboss

9. Motherfuckin’ Bar Graphs

This episode centres around Sophia committing fraud in an effort to get office space for Nasty Gal; she convinces her neighbour Lionel (RuPaul Charles) to pretend to be her landlord because she has bad credit. After being told she needs a co-signer on the lease, Sophia puts together a presentation for her father to convince him she is serious about this venture.

Since Dax is studying business, Sophia enlists his help to create an impressive looking portfolio of data to help in her pitch to her Dad. When the dreaded meeting finally arrives, she brings Shane along to dinner with her father to diffuse the situation. Everyone knows if there’s anything more awkward than asking a parent to back you up financially, it’s introducing them to your wet fish of a boyfriend.

Sophia kicks up a huge hissy fit when her father expresses his doubts about co-signing the loan, suggesting that it be entirely in his name instead. She takes this personally, as a sign that her father doesn’t believe in Nasty Gal, and resolves to find office space elsewhere.

Verdict:  We’ve been due a ‘My parents just don’t understand me episode’ for some time now, but Sophia’s outburst is laughable considering the evidence we’ve seen thus far that shows she is a risky investment: she has been served an eviction notice for overdue rent, can’t seem to hold down a job, and is clearly impulsive when it comes to making decisions. How dare her father want to protect his finances, huh?

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