Introducing: SIDEMAN

They had a ''band idea''...


Meet SIDEMAN, a Canadian punk rockin’ duo consisting of Justis Krar (JMAN) and Ross Miller (BIG MILL). After feeling a lack of challenge and musical freedom as part of various other bands (such as Single Mothers and Northern Primitive), the sidemen decided to create SIDEMAN, taking their name from the professional musicians who are hired to perform with a group of which they are not regular members.

Imagine all the attitude of the Beastie Boys, some teenage angst, and a sprinkle of Canadian charm, chewed up and spat back into your face. That’s what it’s like listening to SIDEMAN.

For them, “it’s about connecting with people emotionally” and in whatever way “people like to have that interaction”. So, enjoy them in any way you like. Although SIDEMAN claim to take influence from bands and musicians who ”push expectations and challenge themselves”,  the attitude in their songs is undeniably reminiscent of artists such as Rage Against the Machine and, at times, even Run-D.M.C.

The band have been releasing their music via Bandcamp since they began in October of 2015. They recently released a new single, ‘King of the School‘ as well as a music video for ‘Why Can’t I Be Me?’ below.


Everybody’s talking about JMAN and BIG MILL, so why aren’t you?

Words by Zoe Cooke


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