Single Review: Breton Stripe // Saint Saviour

Saint Saviour’s latest release ‘Breton Stripe’ was released at the end of last month. Along with four other singles, ‘Breton Stripe’ will appear on her upcoming album Tomorrow Again. This song is expertly crafted with moments of softness, melancholy and frustration with a stunning blend of instruments; it is both personal and powerful. 

‘Breton Stripe’ is almost like a painting: at first she paints soft brushstrokes with angelic vocals and then builds up until she is throwing effectively paint all over the canvas. She reinvents her identity and gives an insight into a mother’s experience, all while showcasing her incredible vocal range. She goes from accepting societal roles, saying “paint me” with a Breton stripe, to taking hold of the paintbrush and defining her own identity and reality.

When discussing her latest release, she said: “I wrote ‘Breton Stripe’ at a time when I was coming to terms with motherhood and realising that a lot of my preconceptions were based upon myth.” She added “song represents my rebirth as a mother on my own terms.”

The song’s shift to electric guitar, drums and edgy vocals represents her realisation that it is okay to break out of the mould and motherhood can look different for everyone. At the end we are left with a masterpiece: symbolising her refusal to adhere to societal boundaries and expectations.

When comparing her latest singles, there is a distinct versatility in sound and theme. ‘Rock Pools’ features beautiful harmonies in collaboration with Billy Mason while ‘For My Love’ has a similar shift to ‘Breton Stripe’ but with a pop tune.Tomorrow Again, due for release on September 4th, will be her first album release in six years.

You can preorder the album here.

Words by Elle Woods-Marshall

Photo by Alex Knowles

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