Single Review: Falling in Love // Frank Turner


‘Falling in Love’ is the latest Frank Turner release from split covers album West Coast vs. Wessex. A collaboration between long-term supporters of each other, NOFX and Frank Turner, the album will be released on 31st July and will see the American Punk Rock band’s take on five of Turner’s catalogue, whilst he returns with his own spin on theirs

Frank says that when he was asked by Fat Mike, bassist and lead vocalist of NOFX, to collaborate he “immediately knew that one of the songs I’d do would be ‘Falling in Love’.

The original track, a strong tune matched with fast rock beats and more traditional punk vocals, encapsulates a new mood entirely in Turner’s folkier take. He pares back the melody and slows the pace dramatically to reveal the beautiful simplicity of the original lyrics.

The track is almost unrecognisable, certainly meeting Turner’s expressed aim: “I didn’t want to just do straight covers of anything…I wanted to try and pick songs where I felt like me and my band could bring something different to the table.”

Nonetheless, it still remains true to NOFX’s and Turner’s punk roots, with the haunting tune supported by guitar and just audible hardcore backing vocals. Fat Mike certainly approves: “When Frank picked ‘Falling Love’ I was stoked. Then I heard it, and I go, “Holy shit, he just kicked our ass.” ” 

Words by Lottie Hayton


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