Single Review: Getaway // Blossoms


Considering their rather full-frontal assault on festival slots, the UK touring scene and undoubtedly the playlist of your local indie disco, one may find it difficult to deduce the mystery of Blossoms debut still remaining nowhere to be seen.

A listen to ‘Getaway’ might give you a clue as to why, however. They’re enjoying themselves far too much to settle down just yet.

Having hitherto toyed with synthy elements, particularly in February’s At Most A Kiss EP, this new single marks a fully-fledged commitment by the Stockport indie troupe to a far more layered and electronically charged sound.

As a musical gamble, it most certainly pays off. Beckoning you in with a mellifluous pattering of keys, the track quickly reveals itself as a brazen appraisal of an ailing relationship set to a deep, insistent beat, gradually unravelling a symphonious celebration of impulse decision making.

It barely needs saying that Blossoms aren’t playing above pubs any more – everyone in the industry and their dog is touting them for great things – but this song is perhaps their best statement of intent yet. Blossoms are blooming, make no mistake about it.

Words by Benedict Tetzlaff – Deas


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