The Wombats latest release ‘Give Me A Try’ is an anthem for a digital age. It’s got the feel-good factor and a catchy chorus one has come to expect from the Scouse trio. The track is built on synths and combines with single ‘Greek Tragedy’ and track ‘Emoticons’ as a sure fire sign that the bands upcoming release, Glitterbug, will be an iPod must-have. The notion of lyrically exploring romance in this new digital age isn’t a new one: one only has to look to Neon Trees’ 2014 album Pop Psychology for the lines “Your kisses taste so sweet / But then you click delete, woh oh” in ‘Love In the 21st Century’. But just because The Wombats aren’t the first to do it doesn’t mean we won’t have this track on repeat until Glitterbug comes out on 13th April.


The accompanying music video contextualises the pleading “just give me a try” chorus; a dating app called ‘Let’s Date!’ draws an obvious parallel to Tinder and the listener can imagine swiping left or right when faced with a host of different men. The idea that online dating doesn’t always mean ‘happily ever after’ is epitomised in the line “this could be worth the risk”. It’s a club anthem waiting to happen and who knows – you might just find love on the dancefloor, belting your heart out to The Wombats’ latest gem.

Words by Beth Kirkbride

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