Single Review: Good Bad Times // Hinds


‘Good Bad Times’ is the latest single from Madrid quartet Hinds and signals a deviation from the indie rock sound of their previous material and the start of a new era for the band. Featuring dreamy synths, lulling bass and an anthemic beat, ‘Good Bad Times’ is a crisp and glossy disco-pop song.

Whilst Hinds are known for their gritty edge, this newfound pop style is executed perfectly, with the catchy melody and hook giving the single a vibrancy that demands it be played on repeat. The vocals on the track are equally as enthralling. Unlike the band’s other songs the verses are bilingual and seamlessly alternate between English and Spanish in the perfect marriage.

Discussing the meaning of the song, singer Carlotta Cosials said: “You know that part in the movies when two people in a relationship are living completely opposite realities? When one thinks everything is great and the other one is about to drown? ‘Good Bad Times’ is the struggle of communication, time difference, distance. like the two sides of a coin. Two sides close together that can’t be separated, even though they seem to be completely different.”

‘Good Bad Times’ is from Hinds’ new album The Prettiest Curse, which is released today (5th June).

Words by Lucy Robinson


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