Single Review: Hot Coffee // Trash

‘Hot Coffee’ by TRASH is steaming hot; the band sounds tighter and more professional than ever. The resonant melody is a heady fusion of Martin and Longmore’s chords; Barton’s velvety bassline, all of which is stirred to perfection by Weston’s slick, clean drumbeat. Much like your morning caffeine hit, this is a song that will get you going.

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“It’s getting cold out there but who cares?” frontman Daniel Longmore exclaims, his voice filling your eardrums with all the warmth of your favourite woolly jumper. Our protagonist expresses frustration with his daily routine – washing dishes for a wage, only to spend them on cheap old tees he has no real need for. It’s the classic existential question: what are we here for?


Well, Longmore suggests, we live for these little moments with people we care about. “Go put the kettle on / While I write a love song”. The sentiment in the lyrical bubbles until it’s positively scalding in the epic conclusion: “My coffee is waiting, warm / And this love song’s born”. There’s no semi-skimmed sentiment to be found here, Trash’s ‘Hot Coffee’ is brimming with full bodied-ness.

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The single is out today. If buying the single means forgoing your morning Mocha-Frappa-Nonsense at Starbucks then so be it. After all, this is the only ‘Hot Coffee’ you need.

Words by Beth Kirkbride

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