Single Review: In Search of Snow // David Kay


David Kay’s acoustic single ‘In Search of Snow’ guides you into a world of sentimental, rustic landscapes. The track initiates with guitar detail in a Jake Bugg like arrangement, which is neatly greeted by an Alex Turner-esque vocal. The Cumbrian singer/songwriter uses his rural surroundings of ‘water’ and ‘fields’ to complement the country guitar style.

‘In Search Of Snow’ represents an enchanting mystery – it’s impossible to know what lies beneath the snow but it could be something really special. Snow is often perceived as a spiritual counterpart, a channel of energy, or voice trying to communicate through visual imagery. “Tell me what you know” expresses typical teenage anxiety of not knowing where life will take you and often feeling like someone else knows your future. Throughout the song Kay expresses the character of someone who is aspiring to find something special or possibly aspiring to be someone: “Let’s go down to the field / I’ve heard there’s gold / Cause I’ve heard there’s a house down there that might get sold”. The ‘house’ represents success and achievement, if he finds his gold or partner ‘the house might get sold’.

The track ends with a gradual slow soft melody emphasising the chorus which will become a sing along feature at live performances as the track becomes ever more familiar with Kay’s followers. ‘In Search of Snow’ is an impressive single from the 18 year old. David Kay demonstrates potential qualities of a successful songwriter; the ability to convey personal emotions and the capability to write songs that audiences will find relatable.  If ‘In Search of Snow’ is anything to go by, Kay has a very promising future.

Words by Aaron Spencer



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