Single Review: Lust // VYNCE

‘Lust’ by Merseyside band, VYNCE, opens with a tiptoeing melody, which is quickly stirred into frenzy by the crashing beats. Melodically this track wouldn’t be out of place on a Bombay Bicycle Club record, but when the drawling vocal kicks in there’s something of Manchester based band, Larkins, in their sound.

Changes in tempo draw attention to the chorus, which narrates a familiar tale of using someone for your own selfish end: “I only call you when I’m bored at home and I only fancy you when I’m alone”. The track builds to a heady crescendo with the order “take your head off my pillow, turn your back to the wall” – seemingly rejecting the idea of post coital cuddles in favour of a far more clinical dynamic – and this combines with a wall of echoing backing vocals to ensure the track goes out with a bang.

It’s surprisingly upbeat for such a harsh lyrical reality, which can perhaps be attributed to the sprawling manner of vocal delivery, which gives the track the effect of a drunken confession. Perhaps not the most romantic of songs ever written, but a pretty catchy tune all the same.


VYNCE are playing at Close Up festival on 8th August, with tickets available here

Words by Beth Kirkbride

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