Single Review: Ophelia // The Lumineers


‘Ophelia’ is the lead single from indie-rock band, The Lumineers’ second studio album, Cleopatra, which is set to be released in April 2016. The Colorado based five-piece had a lot to live up to following the big success of their self-titled debut album, which brought us first-rate tracks such as ‘Ho Hey’ and ‘Stubborn Love’. Nevertheless, judging by this delightful new single, which is their first new song in four years, The Lumineers are definitely not set to disappoint.

‘Ophelia’ begins with the band’s signature stomping beat, followed by the introduction of the bright, elegant piano melody which is apparent throughout the song. Although the sound has undergone a bit of a change since The Lumineers’ first album in 2012, ‘Ophelia’ has the same loveable folksy vibe to it and consists of the familiar tambourine percussion and bright, joyous tone.

The chorus is extremely catchy – it is almost impossible to listen to the track without tapping along to it – and lead singer, Wesley Schultz, boasts smooth, distinctive vocals as always.

The Lumineers’ songs always seem completely sincere and heartfelt and the band holds the ability to come across, not just as musicians, but as story-tellers also. Although the track is relatively short and could be much longer, ‘Ophelia’ is a beautifully uplifting song which is incredibly well-crafted and thoroughly enjoyable.

Words by Sarah Turner


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