Single Review: Pinkie’s Little Light // The Savage Nomads

The Savage Nomads’ latest effort ‘Pinkie’s Little Light’ is the result of an invitation from Fugazi to go and record in NYC – and they’ve done a damned good job of it, too! With a catchy, intricate melody and assured vocal (evocative of Spector’s Fred Macpherson at points), this track is a worthy investment indeed. Josh & Benjy Miles’ guitar hooks blend seamlessly with Tom Williams’ bass and Louis Lacoste’s drumming to create a full bodied anthem – an accolade that isn’t awarded lightly!

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As frontman Cole Salewicz draws out syllables the listener is forced to chew on what is truly an intelligent lyrical, finding themselves thoroughly enjoying the audible experience. With aspects of A-ha, Bloc Party and The Crookes audible there’s bound to be something for everyone to latch onto and love in ‘Pinkie’s Little Light’.

Words by Beth Kirkbride

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