Single Review: Pony // Strange Cages

After clicking on the link to Strange Cages’ Soundcloud page to listen to latest single ‘Pony’, out July 20th on Strong Island Recordings, the first thing I notice is the hashtag ‘psycho-sleaze’. That’s exactly what ‘Pony’ is – a two minute long scratchy, psych track that is fuelled with raw vocals and aggressive, pulsating drumbeats. The song is a satisfying slice of classic garage rock with already noted underlying psych influences.

‘Pony’ is the sort of track that makes you want to grow out your hair and form an alt rock band. It grinds back and forth with jangly, rocky riffs that ensure Strange Cages are an act to be caught live. For fans of Drenge and The Wytches, this is a song not to be missed.

Words by Emmie Morris


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