Single Review: Room With A View // Olivia Frances

Every now and again an artist comes along who makes you resent your own lack of musical ability. That’s exactly the case when you listen to Olivia Frances’ single ‘Room With A View’. Her narrative is both charming and relatable, talking about a couple discussing where you would go, if you could go anywhere.

As she croons “take an airplane, take a train / to the Eiffel tower, sip champagne” the listener is transported on an aural journey from Paris to the Great Wall, to the Taj Mahal. The conclusion that “I’ve already got it all, cause with you, it’s like a room with a view” is heart-warming, but probably not one to listen to if you’re recently single.

It’s full of boundless optimism and idealism, so cynics take note and steer clear. Frances’ vocal is consistent and unique and her voice blends perfectly with the ambling melody. It’s a song for lovers, it’s a song for summer. But most of all, it’s a song for your iPods.

Words by Beth Kirkbride

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