Single Review: Stay High // Spector

After what must have seemed a long and arduous wait for fans of Spector, the London four-piece finally released details of Moth Boys, the follow-up to their 2012 debut, Enjoy It While It Lasts – having spent the past two years, writing, recording and perfecting the twelve tracks that now lie in wait of its release. Now, in the wake of that recent announcement comes ‘Stay High’ – the latest and arguably most appetising taster yet, to be taken from their aforementioned sophomore record.


After the Drive-esque essence of ‘All The Sad Young Men’, the sparse aesthetics of both ‘Don’t Make Me Try’ and ‘Kyoto Garden’, and not forgetting the grinding beat of ‘Bad Boyfriend’,  this incandescent amalgam of spiralling riffs and melodies continues the band’s ethos of using the subject of relationships as a means of resemblance for the world in which we live in general.

Lead singer, Fred proclaims that “these are the ways that we show our love” at regular intervals after reeling off series of references towards material possessions and acts of courtesy that are merely commonplace in all our lives nowadays. Though the meaning behind the song in its entirety truly is best displayed by its title; in other words, even during those times where it might seem like everything’s going to shit, just always try to ‘Stay High’.

Words by Alex Graham

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