Single Review: Summer (and a sunny side of you) // Stables

The indie-folk duo Stables released an acoustic single, ‘Summer (and a sunny side of you)’, on 12th June. The track feels gloriously sunny and relaxed with its stripped back, beachy sound. The vocals seamlessly blend with the acoustic guitar, inviting the listener to reminisce on past summers.

The repeated line “Katie always said I was born in a waterfall, I could swim another life” speaks of simple freedoms and a connection with nature. The water imagery makes the chilled rhythm flow even more smoothly, reminding me of sunsets on the beach with friends playing a guitar. 

It’s a song that feels very human, it connects to our collective desire to go back to times when we felt freer to explore and adventure, before the restrictions of COVID-19. Nevertheless, they build an inherent joy and hope in the lyrics with Matthew saying, “I hope people will feel the sun on their face when they listen to this track’’.

Their vocals sit at centre stage and never feel drowned out by the equally catchy melody, similar to Of Monsters and Men and how they balance sound and vocals in a similarly stunning way. 

‘Marathon’ – Stables’ other recent single – is filled with striking harmonies and is much more dynamic, while ‘Ringmore Rise’ has a Fleet Foxes-esque sound. I cannot wait to hear the range and versatility of their upcoming album.

Words by Elle Woods-Marshall

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