Single Review: Thinking Back // The Time Sellers

The latest release from The Time Sellers is a wonderful track called ‘Thinking Back’. Melodically, it’s a lot more original than some of their earlier material, which serves to illustrate just how far this great Chesterfield based band has come in the last year or so. Their self-improvement is obviously the product of hard work and bountiful practice, and it’s an honour to have witnessed their transformation.

James Bull’s vocal – which is always powerful and domineering, no less so in this track – takes on a staccato-esque quality which makes this song ever so punchy. The lyrics have a somewhat sinister feel, but capture the obsessive nature of being attracted to someone who doesn’t feel the same perfectly: “you keep avoiding me / it’s annoying me / and I’m honestly gonna get you where I want”.

The rest of the band synchronise in a wall of sound; Connor Pryde on drums keeps up the pace as Adam Bull carries the rhythm section, whilst Jacob Hall’s bass undulates, tying the track together. This feels more complete, more confident and more competent than anything The Time Sellers have produced before. We’re excited to see what they deliver next.

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‘Thinking Back’ is out on the 12th June

Words by Beth Kirkbride


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