Single Review: We Went to War // Sun Circus


They’re not quite the world famous Cirque du Soleil, but English rockers Sun Circus are bringing a little bit of blues-influenced Southern rock to the UK. The self-described ‘three lion tamers and a medium that met on the banks of the Blackwater River [who’ve] been chasing waterfalls since the noughties’ claim they ‘still got love for the game’. The band, who cite The Black Keys as an influence, have a sound peppered with undertones of The White Stripes yet maintain an unmistakably British feel. Their latest single, ‘We Went to War’ has a catchy, radio-worthy chorus with stomping drums as the vocalist cries, “We went to war with ourselves / And didn’t win”.

“This track is ultimately about inner peace,” reveals band member Benny. The thudding riffs of ‘We Went to War’ act as a pleasant contrast to their other material, such as single ‘Got That Feeling’, a much mellower offering. The accompanying video encapsulates the feeling of frustration that drives the track, with the aggravated protagonist of the clip struggling amongst exploding colour. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, this feels like just a snippet of Sun Circus’ sonic arsenal; keep your eyes peeled on the band’s Facebook page for local gig dates around London.

 Words by Kristen Sinclair


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