Single Review: Whoever // October Drift

Somerset-spawned shoegazers October Drift have been performing together for just a year, playing a series of unobtrusive, low-profile gigs that created a word-of-mouth buzz so fervent it resulted in the newcomers selling out one date on their debut tour before even releasing a single track. This being their first single, ‘Whoever’ no doubt aimed to make a big impression, and that it does.


The track consists of heavy instrumentals which the likes of their influences My Bloody Valentine and rise-and-rise duo Royal Blood would be proud of are coupled with soft, 90s-indie-style vocals that make for a raucous yet mellow cacophony of opposites that somehow works beautifully to create an unstoppably listenable track. And with their next single due to be released in Spring 2015, October Drift is a name you won’t want to be forgetting in a hurry.

Words by Amie Bailey

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