Sleaford Mods Reignite IDLES Feud

Sleaford Mods’ front-man Jason Williamson has reignited his feud with IDLES, branding them “terrible” and “harmless idiots”.

Having previously accused the Bristol-based punk band of class appropriation, Williamson said that he feels a “bit bad” about the feud. He added: “they’re harmless idiots really, like a UK Foo Fighters”.

“When Joe called me a bully I sat back and thought about it for about two minutes, but then they released their new album [Ultra Mono] and I thought, ‘No, this is terrible.’ You can’t come out with s*** and get away with it all the time.”

The feud is also referenced in the lyrics of ‘Nudge It’, a song from Sleaford Mod’s new album Spare Ribs. Williamson sings about being “stood outside a high-rise, trying to act like you’re gangsta” – presumed to be about IDLES.

In an interview with the Daily Star ‘Wired’ column, Williamson criticised acts who he views as: “Ten bob billionaire, poseur, fake working class… the usual crap. You can attribute my outpourings to jealousy and bitterness, but it’s all part of the game.”

Williamson’s criticisms have previously been aimed at Kasabian, Blur’s Alex James and ex-Oasis bandmember Noel Gallagher. Gallagher responded by saying the electronic punk duo were: “just two guys, one clearly mentally ill, who’s just shouting … about f****** cider and f****** s*** chicken”.

Williamson said of Noel’s rant: “That was brilliant. He also compared me to the Brown Bottle from Viz comic. I felt like he really got it.”

Spare Ribs is now available on all streaming services and in record stores.

Words by Issy Flower

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