Song of the Week (15th December): Rolling Around // Solanas’ Sons


This week’s Song of the Week is hot off the press: ‘Rolling Around’ is the new single from Sheffield based four piece Solanas’ Sons which is out today (15th December).

The track is an intense experience from start to finish. This intensity works well with their namesake; the four lads have named the band after the radical feminist, Valerie Solanas, who famously shot Andy Warhol. The melody is heady and unrelenting whilst the lyrics explore the deep themes of reincarnation and sexual identity. There are distinct Foo Fighters vibes within the track.


There’s an intriguing level of darkness to Howarth’s vocal and there’s certainly no shortage of stuff for the listener to immerse themselves in With such a mammoth sound gifted to the listener in the 3.49 minute bundle of audio, we don’t think it’s expecting too much to assume that Solanas’ Sons put on a cracking live show.

Intense and in your face, this is a band worth sitting up and taking notice of.

Words by Beth Kirkbride


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