Song of the Week: It’s Alright Now // Paul Nixon


Paul Nixon, one of the unsigned world’s most promising songwriters, returns with a majestic hymn and a voice that could stop traffic.

There are moments in life where you’re hit with a sudden loss for words. When the Berlin Wall finally fell, for example. The day England made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup. When Piers Morgan left Good Morning Britain.

Well, you’re about to add another seismic moment, so get ready. It’ll happen around 30 seconds into this song. You’ll know when it happens. Suddenly, the hairs on the back of your neck will rise. Goosebumps will jostle for position. Time will stop.

It’s the moment that Paul Nixon – the Warrington warbler, ‘Nixy’ to his friends, ‘Richard’ to his enemies – opens his mouth and lets out that voice. And the song which showcases that voice is new single ‘It’s Alright Now’.

Soothing, raspy, repentant. Majestic, melodic, magnificent. There aren’t enough words to describe those first few seconds as you adjust your ears to the gruff beauty of Nixon’s delivery.

It’s such a beautiful discovery that first-time listeners will only wish they could have those precious few seconds again.

Luckily, Nixon’s voice does not grow tired. Repeated listens only showcase the strength of his songwriting. ‘It’s Alright Now’ is positively Biblical, a song that sounds like it has been written by some new age Shaman.

Conflicts across the globe could be solved by bringing along a boombox and blasting ‘It’s Alright Now’ across the land. It’s a dreamlike mantra, a hushed hymn to contentment and love. It glides along gracefully, with ripples of riffs and towering harmonies.

Recalling the more glacial moments of Richard Ashcroft and the newfound cosmic ambitions of Noel Gallagher, ‘It’s Alright Now’ is layers upon layers of lush instrumentation, deep introspection and calm assurance.

Close your eyes, lock your doors, turn off your Outlook. Put down your guns. Hold your tongues. Click play and dream. Let Paul Nixon’s voice wash over you. Whatever problems you’ll have, they’ll be alright now.

Words by Sam Lambeth

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